Cheshire East Council Waste collection service reorganisation consultation

In 2014 Cheshire East Council implemented its Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2030. This strategy details our approach towards the management of municipal waste, and underpins current and future plans for it within the borough.

Our proposal, which we are consulting on, is to enable flexibility in our operational management of waste collection. This will allow us to align kerbside waste collection services with the introduction of the authority’s new food waste recycling service in 2019.

By doing this we would also see the end of the garden waste collection winter shut down period, as food and garden waste would be collected for recycling all year round in the garden waste bin. The proposals relate to a £600,000 saving, which is identified in the pre-budget report for 2019-20.

The proposal for future collection of your household waste is to extend the hours and days of collection, to facilitate new routes and rotas for recycling and waste kerbside collection services from Autumn 2019.

As part of this reorganisation, we are proposing to:

1 Continue to visit properties weekly to collect residual waste the first week, and recycling / garden waste on the second week.

2 Maintain the same day of collection every week (e.g. if your black bin is collected on a Monday in the first week, your recycling will also be collected on a Monday in the second week).

3 Begin collecting waste from 6.30am in the morning, rather than at 7am as we currently do. This will mean some properties will have a slightly earlier collection time.

4 Begin collecting waste on a Saturday, as well as on a Monday to Friday (including most bank holidays) as we currently do. This will mean some properties will have their weekly collection day on a Saturday.

The benefits of this proposal are that:

1 New routes would be more efficiently organised.

2 We would be able to make better use of the fleet vehicles used, using less vehicles for a longer period.

3 New centralised routes would align with the roll out of our new food waste recycling service in the garden waste bin, which is due to come into operation in Autumn 2019.

4 There would be no winter shutdown of the garden service.

5 The service would be able to deliver proposed savings of £600k in a full year of operation.

We would now like to understand the impact these proposals might have on you, and so are asking for your feedback on them. In addition to this full public consultation, a full employee consultation will also take place on these proposals.

The survey can be accessed at the following link:

Closing date for responses: 7th January, 2019.

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council