Hand sanitiser available to order

Cheshire Community Action Update – 09/04/20

I am Simon Moorehead, the Byley Parish Clerk in Cheshire. I have just organised the production of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml Hand Sanitisers.

I usually run a perfume Company and I’m also a Chartered Accountant but these are times to support the national effort and support the local efforts being made in Cheshire.

Byley Parish have today applied for a grant from CWAC to supply hand sanitisers (over 70% alcohol) to the local community FREE via the village hall or through your local distribution network. Lach Dennis, Allostock & Lostock Green are joining in so far and if I can get more it brings the price down.

The stock would be delivered to Byley Village Hall in Cheshire and then collected by you from there or potentially delivered by us, for larger orders delivery can be arranged.

The hand sanitisers are made to the World Health organisation approved formula in the UK.

The price inc vat for a 500ml over 70% alcohol sanitiser will be around £8.40 inc VAT (£7.00 ex VAT) if we can get enough orders. (Combined MOQ is 5,000)

(I have assumed now I can bring the price down from £9-£10 with enough responses with help of Cheshire Action)

If we can get a large enough order together we can obtain 250mls too at around £4.50 in ( £3.75 ex VAT) (Combined MOQ is 5,000)

(The 100mls have a higher MOQ at 10,000 cost is £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) so not as good value for money)



Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council