Lower Withington Parish Council

The Parish Council takes an active role in helping to ensure that our beautiful village and surrounds is protected and maintained and strives to address any local issues, supporting and helping all our local residents. The Parish Council comprises 7 councillors which meets at 7:30pm every month in the Village Hall. Minutes from the previous meeting will be posted here.

If you have any concerns please contact any of the councillors listed below or the Parish Clerk Рyou can find their contact information here.

Our Cheshire East Councillor is Lesley Smetham and she can be contacted by e-mailing lesley.smetham@cheshireeast.gov.uk




29th January (Agenda)

Lower Withington PC Agenda - Council Meeting - 29 Jan 2018
Lower Withington PC Agenda - Council Meeting - 29 Jan 2018
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26th February

26th March

30th April


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Parish Councillors

Cllr Timothy Barlow - timbarlow1@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Jackie Blackburn - jackie.blackburn@btconnect.com

Cllr Alan Brocklehurst - al-rmb8s@tiscali.co.uk

Cllr Paul Duffy - paulduffy511@btinternet.com

Cllr Hywel Lewis - hgl88h@icloud.com

Cllr Rachel Robinson - irsquared@icloud.com

Cllr Paul Ryan - yorkshireryan@yahoo.co.uk

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council