A few words from St. Peter’s Church

Just a few words from St. Peter’s Church, Lower Withington

We all know we are so lucky to live in a very friendly village, there are so many offers of help to do shopping, phone calls for a chat and to know we are all well, and going out to clap at 8pm on Thursday nights is wonderful; long may this continue.

I have a little poem;

If you should need an Angel
don’t sigh and search the skies
in truth they’re all about you
though often in disguise.

For knowing that life’s burdens
are sometimes hard to bear
and seeing too that we might need
a hand just here and there.

Some providence took pity and
as though to make amends
scattered Angels on the earth
and simply called them ‘Friends’.

God Bless everyone and ‘Keep Safe’

Ann Venables

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council