Coronavirus help available – Snow Angels

Snow Angels – Covid-19 Response

Dear Colleagues,

We have had several conversations over the last few days about helping to set up local schemes to support people.  Our volunteer application form is now on-line so we can speed up the process and you can find it here

If you can promote this locally that would be great via your social media accounts, newsletters etc.

In terms of the services that we are able to provide this includes weekly befriending telephone calls, help with shopping and prescriptions, dog walking …whilst keeping to the social distancing advice.

We have set up several accounts with Morrisons and Tesco for on-line delivery using our bank details and we will then ask the older person to send us a cheque to cover the shopping – we have found that for a lot of our more vulnerable clients they do not want to enter their bank details on-line.  However the waiting time for deliveries is growing and we are now looking at about ten days for some stores. We are also investigating local shops across Cheshire West to see if they do home deliveries.  It may be that the Parish Council could take the same approach or look at setting up an account with a local shop so that volunteers can collect the shopping.

In terms of registering older people onto our scheme we have an on-line form here at  or you can phone us on 0300 666 6226

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council