Protecting the most vulnerable – ‘Community Shielding’

Protecting the most vulnerable – ‘Community Shielding’

Central government has announced a series of measures aimed at providing the highest levels of protection for the 1.5 million most vulnerable people at risk of infection and hospitalisation by Covid-19.

Those most at risk will receive letters or text messages from the NHS strongly advising them to stay indoors and not to go out for 12 weeks.

This means that arrangements must be put in place to ensure that they have food, medication and everyday essentials.

Groups identified include:

  • Solid organ transplant recipients;
  • Some people with cancer who are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • People on immunosuppression drugs;
  • Women who are pregnant and have heart disease;
  • People with severe respiratory conditions – cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and COPD; and
  • Some people with rare diseases, such as severe combined immunodeficiency.

It is anticipated that those individuals who have been identified as most at risk will receive their letter or text message tomorrow (Tuesday 24 March).

If you think you or a loved one are in this highest risk category and have not received a letter from the NHS by Sunday 29 March 2020 or been contacted by your GP, get in touch with your GP or hospital doctor by phone or online.

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council