Stay at home – Save lives – Protect the NHS

Stay at home – Save lives – Protect the NHS

There are a number of national campaigns currently in operation that you may wish to share.

Every Mind Matters: from today Public Health England has launched a campaign to encourage adults to take steps to look after their mental health during this difficult time, using Every Mind Matters and its self-care resources. The campaign is targeted at all adults, weighted towards those most at risk of mental health problems and more vulnerable groups (such as BAME groups and those aged 70+).

It will run for two weeks from 17 April and will include PR, TV, search, digital and social media activity. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also endorse this new campaign and have provided the voiceover for a new short film to help drive PR activity and for the TV ad. So please do look out for this content and share across your social media channels where relevant.

Other national campaign materials, which sees shareable content at this time include;

  • New social distancing graphic showing ‘exponential growth’
  • New ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ Hindi and Punjabi radio adverts
  • New ‘Stay Home For Your Family’ social animations

Visit Public Health England’s social media pages for this sharable content at or

Staying positive into the weekend: Cultivating positive thoughts

Even in the toughest times there are positive things that can make us happy. Creating a positive mindset can ward off a tendency to catastrophise or to always look for what’s missing or what’s wrong rather than what’s right.

This exercise will help you to create a general atmosphere of positivity

  • Write down 10 things that are positive in your life, that you enjoy or that you are grateful for
  • These might be people around you, family and friends, colleagues
  • They might be things you enjoy, a cup of good coffee, a quiet cup of tea
  • You might appreciate the positive impact you have on the people you care for and their families
  • You might simply appreciate the blueness of the sky or the sound of birds singing or a particular tree you pass while out walking
  • Whatever you write down, make them things that you come in to contact with regularly
  • Each day look for one of these things and take a few moments to really appreciate it, to feel and acknowledge its presence whenever you feel down or overwhelmed, take a moment to bring to mind something that is a source of happiness for you
  • If you feel gratitude towards a person, take the time to tell them. This is a gift that costs nothing but will make them and you feel very much valued.

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council