Unemployment benefits applications in Cheshire East

We have seen national news reports today regarding Universal Credit and Job Seeker Allowance claimant count data.  The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the UK rose to 2.1 million in April, the first full month of the coronavirus lockdown. This represents an increase of 856,500 in April.

In Cheshire East, applications have nearly doubled from 4,655 in March 2020 to 8,870 in April 2020.  This is a rise from 2.1% to 3.9% of our working age population in Cheshire East. However, this figure remains lower than the North West (6.2%) and National (5.1%) averages.

Over the last few weeks, support schemes have been set up by the council to help address the economic impact of Covid-19 pandemic.  These include our job matching service to help people, who are temporarily not working, find jobs in key roles where support is needed, and the Business Helping Business scheme, which seeks to match businesses that are in need of help, to those that are in a position to help, across a number of areas such as staffing, mentoring and delivering of goods.

Parish Clerk: Dr Elizabeth Maddock

Lower Withington Parish Council